Barbie Hsu’s daughter is starting to walk

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei brought their daughter out last Sunday and shared a picture of her toddling around

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s daughter is starting to walk

Early Sunday morning, Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu shared a photo on Weibo of her husband Wang Xiaofei and daughter Wang Xiyue (also known as Xiao Yue’er) enjoying themselves in a swimming pool.

That same day, Xiaofei also posted a sweet family photo of the couple taking Xiao Yue’er out for a walk with their pet dog.  

As seen in the picture, Barbie and Xiao Yue’er were dressed in matching striped shirts while Xiaofei held onto his daughter’s hands as she toddled around. The proud father also captioned that “Xiao Yue’er can finally walk,” sharing his joy with the world.

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s daughter is starting to walk

Netizens posted comments of admiration for their family and one even said that “Xiaofei is very blessed to have two beautiful ladies by his side.”

Other netizens commented that the picture resembled a scene from Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden because Barbie (who had her hair tied in two pigtails) resembled her character Shan Cai in the show.

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