Barbie Hsu’s husband expands into hospitality

Wang Xiaofei to invest S$15 m in new boutique hotel despite Chinese restaurant group flop

Barbie Hsu, Wang Xiaofei

Barbie Hsu’s husband, millionaire Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, has gained approval to invest NT$350 million (approximately S$15 million) to launch a boutique hotel in Taipei from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs Investment Commission.

Since April, the businessman has been renting an entire building at the junction of Dunhua North Road and Changchun Road in downtown Taipei, at the rate of NT$7 million (approximately S$300,000) a month for a lease period of 20 years.

Xiaofei has plans to refurbish the building, and French designer Philippe Starck will be conceptualising the NT$46 million (approximately S$1.97 million) renovation project. The boutique hotel is slated to open next year.

Barbie Hsu, Wang Xiaofei 2

According to insiders, Xiaofei remains ambitious despite the failure of his Chinese restaurant group, Southern Beauty, which bowed out of the Taiwanese market due to mismanagement.

Barbie, who turned 39 this June, will become the lady boss of a massive hotel, but the actress and host has no intention of getting involved in her husband’s businesses or becoming a shareholder. Instead, she said she will place her focus on her family and raising her daughter.

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