Barbie Hsu’s son celebrates his first month

The actress-host’s fans clamour for more pictures of the baby boy


Taiwanese actress host Barbie Hsu gave birth to her second child last month, after a difficult labour, where she suffered an epileptic fit and had to be warded in the Intensive Care Unit subsequently.

Luckily, the 39-year-old has since recovered, and is resting at home with her son. Yesterday, Barbie’s work studio posted a picture of Barbie holding on to her son’s hand on Weibo, announcing that the baby boy, whose name has yet to be revealed, has turned one-month-old.

The actress-host later shared the post, and added “Love is everything” in the caption, showing her love for her baby boy.

Additionally, the baby’s long fingers have also caught the attention of the netizens, who have clamoured for more pictures of the baby boy, as there have not been many pictures of the baby boy since his birth.

However, both Barbie and her husband, businessman Wang Xiaofei have uploaded pictures of the new addition to their family, with Barbie even claiming that her son looks like Hong Kong actor, Daniel Wu.

Photos: PBE Media

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