Barbie Hsu trusts that Wang Xiaofei will not cheat on her

Wang Xiaofei was rumoured to have cheated on Barbie Hsu with three women after getting drunk from a party

Barbie Hsu trusts that Wang Xiaofei will not cheat on her

Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu’s entrepreneur husband Wang Xiaofei was witnessed leaving a party with three women two days ago, appearing to be slightly tipsy. However, Barbie isn’t worried at all, as she retorted against news reports saying, “If you don’t know the truth, don’t assume!”

Xiaofei, 34, was reportedly meeting up with actress-host Dee Hsu’s husband Mike Hsu, the Huayi Brothers’ President Wang Zhonglei and Taiwanese singer Shin and his wife Wei Wei. Celebrity couple Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai’s car was also parked nearby.

The large group were seen entering a nearby building together and although most of them left before midnight, Zhonglei and Xiaofei stayed behind with the three women, causing netizens to speculate that Xiaofei could have cheated on his wife.

Barbie Hsu trusts that Wang Xiaofei will not cheat on her

Following the incident, Xiaofei responded to the rumours yesterday by saying that he was just accompanying his friends from China for a meal and friendly chat. He also explained that after their meal at a Japanese restaurant with Shin, Zhonglei and the others, they were simply shifting their hangout location to another building.

As for Barbie, she admitted that she had slept early that night and had no clue where her husband went. She also explained that she fully trusts her husband: “Even if I’m not sure where he’s going, I wouldn’t go ask him.”

Dee also explained to reporters that she was aware of Mike’s whereabouts that night, and Shin’s representative clarified that it was simply a meetup with friends.

After being married for five years, Barbie and Xiaofei welcomed a baby girl to their family Wang Xiyue (nicknamed Xiao Yue’er) after trying for the last four years. Since becoming a mother, she began to prioritise her daughter first and has made adjustments to her life such as not going out at night.

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