Barbie Hsu warms hearts with motherly photo

It’s not even Mothers’ Day yet, but Barbie Hsu has already posted a motherly photo with her daughter

Barbie Hsu warms hearts with motherly photo

On Monday, Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu posted a photograph on Weibo of her and her daughter Wang Xiyue sharing an affectionate moment. Wearing no makeup in the photo, Barbie showed off her motherly side by her loving gaze, coupled with the action of pulling her daughter’s hand to her chest.

The mother of one also wrote a heart-warming caption for the photo: “My dear Yue’er, I’m thankful you chose to be my child. I have made it my life mission to always support you through it all. I love you.”

Netizens left comments such as: “I feel the love!”, “There is so much love in this picture!” and “With your company, I’m sure she will grow up healthy and happy.”

Barbie and Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei registered their marriage in Beijing in 2010 and held a high-profile wedding the following year in Shanghai. Since their marriage, Barbie’s career plans were put on hold and the couple’s biggest dream at the time was to have a baby.

Last May, she successfully gave birth to Xiyue in Taipei by Caesarean section and posted a photograph of the newborn’s foot on Weibo with the words: “My daughter is safe and I’m infinitely grateful!”

Just last month, her daughter turned 1 and the couple donated money to help children in need of surgery in their daughter’s name.

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