Barbie Hsu would divorce her husband for her true love?

The Taiwanese actress shocked the public after pulling a joke on a variety show

Barbie Hsu would divorce her husband for her true love?

Taiwanese actress-cum-host Barbie Hsu caused her fans to worry unnecessarily when she recently said on a variety show that she would consider divorcing her husband if she meets her true love.

Netizens took the 38-year-old’s words for real as her marriage with her Chinese husband Wang Xiao Fei is known to be plagued with criticisms in the early days of their relationship.

Netizens initially felt that the couple had rushed into marriage life as they only dated for 20 days. They were even rumoured to have a strained relationship as Barbie did not give birth to a son.

Moreover, Barbie, who has recently resumed her work in the entertainment industry, was speculated to have ended her hiatus as her mother-in-law’s business has collapsed and her family is struggling in their finances.

Earlier this month, Barbie had graced Taiwanese host Kevin Tsai’s talk show and was posted several questions on love.

When asked if she would inform her friend if she found out that her friend’s husband is in an affair, the 38-year-old immediately replied that she would.

Then, would Barbie do the same should it happen to her sister Dee Hsu? She hesitated before emphasising that she needs to witness the act of adultery to prove the extramarital affair. If she has proven it, she would inform her sister.

However, Kevin continued to challenge Barbie by asking if she would divorce Xiao Fei if she finds her true love in the future.

Barbie thought deeply before answering frankly, “If I meet him, I would choose to divorce my husband.” Her answer left Kevin and the audience shocked and she only managed to calm them down after she clarified, “But my true love is my husband!”

After the recording, Barbie also took to Weibo to explain that she had only replied the question on a hypothetical basis, reassuring fans that she is still deeply in love with her husband.

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