Baron Chen unable to walk after sustaining an injury during filming

The actor will require surgery after tearing his right knee’s ligament


On Tuesday, Baron Chen was spotted at the airport in Beijing, China in a wheelchair. The 38-year-old Taiwanese actor, who was wearing a mask, looked alert as he passed through the various security checks on his way back to Taiwan.

Later, Taiwanese media reported that he had torn a ligament in his right knee while filming the reality show, Race The World, and is now unable to stand and walk normally.

Race The World’s staff also reported that apart from Baron, quite a number of cast members also suffered injuries of varying degrees that day.

It was also revealed that the cast were filming in Nanjing, China, on that day, with Baron attempting a challenge that required them to be hoisted up into the air. At that time, Baron’s protective harness had slipped, causing his knee to take a direct hit.


After the on-site medical personnel had examined Baron, he went back to work until filming had finished for the day. Afterward, Baron headed to the hospital, where it was found that Baron had torn a ligament in his right knee, as well as his meniscus.

The doctor recommended that he undergo surgery and refrain from any high-intensity work for the time being, so Baron decided to head back to Taiwan for treatment after discussing it with his family and company.

Baron’s management company also confirmed that he will be pulling out of his new drama, Ancient Love Songs [loosely translated from its Chinese title] due to his injury, with Zhai Tian Lin set to replace him.

Photos: PBE Media

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