Benny Chan’s wife expecting their fourth child

Actor won’t rule out having even more kids

Benny Chan 1

Hong Kong actor Benny Chan, 46, and his wife are expecting their fourth child, a girl, due next May. The couple have two daughters and one son, and the youngest was born last December.

Benny appeared with his wife, Lisa Jiang, and children at Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary celebrations, and shared the good news with the media.

Asked whether they had plans to have more children after Baby No. 4, the Journey to the West II actor said they’ll go with the flow. “Every baby comes as a surprise for us,” Benny said. “We’ve never decided whether to have a child or not. My wife loves kids, and I like a large, lively household.”

The family are frequent visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland. Benny said, “We come here often, and we were just here last week.”

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Benny Chan welcomes 3kg baby girl 

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