Benny Chan’s wife discharged from hospital

The couple turns to the internet for a Chinese name for their fourth child


Benny Chan’s wife, Lisa Jiang gave birth on March 30 to the couple’s fourth child, Victoria via Cesarean section. 

The Hong Kong actor had posted a picture of the three of them shortly after, reporting that Victoria was 3.4 kilograms. He also jokingly said that he wants a fifth child, so that he can experience the act of cutting his child’s umbilical cord, which he had never done before as he was squeamish.

On April 3, Lisa posted on Weibo that she was discharged from the hospital and uploaded photos of her carrying Victoria, as well as the baby’s feet.

The mother-of-four was wearing loose clothing, and looked to be in the pink of health, showing no signs that she had just given birth.

Benny also posted a similar message on his Weibo, saying that it was their first day at home after the arrival of Victoria. 

A day later, Lisa posted another picture of her in hospital carrying Victoria, presumably after she had given birth, with the caption, “March 30, Wednesday, gave birth to my third princess in room three.” 

The 30-year-old also wondered what Chinese name to give Victoria, prompting her followers to reply with suggestions, as well as their blessings for the family of six.

The couple have been married for five years and have four children together – Elizabeth, 4, Cyrus, 2, Isabella, 1, and new addition Victoria.

Photos: PBE Media

Benny Chan’s wife gives birth to fourth child
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