BIGBANG’s Seungri swindled of S$2.4 million

Korean singer Shin Eun Sung lured popstar with investment scam


South Korean popstar Seungri, one-fifth of hip hop group BIGBANG, has reportedly lost 2 billion won (approximately S$2.4 million) to an investment scam.

According to South Korean media, Shin Eun Sung, a 33-year-old singer, took the money from Seungri to invest in real estate but then disappeared, and no documents relating to the purchase of land or buildings ever materialised.

YG Entertainment, Seungri’s agency and BIGBANG’s record label, said it would support Seungri in his lawsuit against Eun Sung.

BIGBANG are on the tail end of their MADE 2015 world tour. Eun Sung launched her singing career in 2003 and has just two albums to date.

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