BIGBANG’s Seungri seen leaving Taipei club with buxom babe

Korean pop star parties hard after concerts in Taiwan capital


For two nights in a row, BIGBANG’s Seungri has been spotted hitting local nightclubs after the band’s concerts in Taiwan. On September 26 at about 3 am, the pop star was seen emerging from a venue in Taipei’s Da’an district with his arm around a busty girl.

Outside the nightclub, Seungri joined a crowd of Korean-speaking young men and women for a chat, and even showed off some dance moves to impress the ladies.

The group later left, with Seungri and another man sharing a Mercedes Benz, and a number of women piled into a large van. Both vehicles drove off together.

Seungri is known for his colourful relationship history. The singer was revealed to have engaged in a one-night stand in Japan in 2012, and the lady even exposed intimate photos of the tryst.

Not long afterwards, he was seen having fun in a Hong Kong karaoke lounge with a Japanese ex-girlfriend, and after leaving the venue, the pair crossed a street with Seungri’s arm around her.

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