Blackie Chen and Christine Fan change their twins’ names

The couple found that they had misread their twins’ Chinese names and have corrected it immediately

Blackie Chen and Christine Fan change their twins’ names
Celebrity couple and new parents Blackie Chen and Christine Fan changed the Chinese names of their twin boys after realising that they have misread them.

After Christine undergone a caesarean section on Jan 15 to give birth to them a month before their expected day of delivery, the twins had to be placed in separate incubators for observation due to their premature birth. Christine only got to see the twins two days ago (Jan 19) as she had difficulties moving around due to her wound.

Blackie, recently dubbed by netizens as a ‘fanatic father’, shared a family photo of four on his Facebook wall for the first time yesterday. He also announced that the older twin is named ‘River Chen Xuan Fei’ and younger twin is named ‘Ryan Chen Xuan Xiang’.

Blackie explained that Christine had supposedly named the boys after handsome men that she admires, such as American singer Ryan Tedder. Blackie, on the other hand, was in charge of their Chinese names and named them with the same middle character ‘Xuan’. The twins were given characters ‘Fei’ and ‘Xiang’ individually (which jointly means ‘to soar’) to commemorate Blackie’s late father who was an officer in the air force.

While the couple is both chirpy about their twins’ names, Blackie was quickly corrected by a reporter for mistaking the middle character “Xuan” to be “Rui”, the pronunciation that Blackie had intended the middle character to be.

The couple had since changed the middle character to a word pronounced as “Rui” swiftly in accordance to Blackie’s original plans for their names. The twins are now named ‘River Chen Rui Fei’ and ‘Ryan Chen Rui Xiang’.

Apart from that, the happy father also appeared on a variety show yesterday and cheerfully shared his thoughts on being a beginner father.

“As Christine cannot walk with ease after undergoing a caesarean section, I would help her with pumping her breast milk as she is having a difficult time,” he rattled on. Blackie also praised himself for being a master at pumping breast milk and joked Christine’s breast milk tasted salty.

“We would set an alarm every night to remind ourselves to pump the breast milk for the twins. The trick lies with the strength you use to pump the milk,” he said confidently.

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