Blackie Chen can now tell his twin sons apart

The doting dad made his twin children wear clothes that labelled them as the older or younger brother

Blackie Chen can now tell his twin sons apart

Blackie Chen’s daily social media updates about his twins sons have been keeping fans and netizens entertained. Since his wife Christine Fan gave birth to her twins, the baby-crazed couple have been actively sharing snippets of their life with the boys through videos and photos.

Yesterday, the Taiwanese artiste uploaded more pictures of his twins dressed in identical rompers labelled with the words “older brother” and “younger brother” on it, enabling fans to differentiate between his twins River and Ryan Chen.

The 37-year-old’s post saw varying reactions from netizens. Some said that it was “very cute”, while others felt that differentiating the twins would result in unfair treatment.

Blackie then questioned: “I heard from you all that when the twins grow older and begin their education, I should not distinguish who is older or younger so that they can feel equally treated. How true is that, though?”

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