Blackie Chen celebrates his 38th birthday

Blackie Chen, like his wife Christine Fan, called his sons “the best gifts of his life”

Blackie Chen celebrates his 38th birthday

Last Saturday, Taiwanese performer Blackie Chen turned 38, his first birthday since becoming the father of his twins.

Blackie posted a string of photographs of his twin sons smiling on Weibo that day and wrote: “Thank you Fan Fan (Christine) for the best gifts of my life. Thank God!”

Blackie Chen celebrates his 38th birthday

Christine also posted photographs on Weibo of the twins and one from the birthday celebration, which shows Blackie closing his eyes and making a wish in front of his layered fruit cake. Christine captioned: “Happy birthday Daddy, we love you.”

On Sunday morning, Blackie posted a group shot taken at the birthday party on Weibo. Chinese-American singer-songwriter Lee Hom and his wife, Lee Jing Lei, Taiwanese actor-presenter Jason Tang, with his daughter, and more of Blackie’s close friends were present at the cosy birthday celebration.

Lee Hom played songs on the guitar for Blackie and joked around during the celebration.

Blackie Chen celebrates his 38th birthday

Blackie expressed his gratefulness in his Weibo caption: “Thank you to my family and my brothers for celebrating my birthday. This is also the first time in my life celebrating my birthday with River and Ryan! I’m feeling so lucky!”

And with that, the couple has transformed from a model married couple into model parents, to the envy of many.

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