Blackie Chen, Christine Fan share photos, video of their twin boys

Twice as nice, but double the trouble

Blackie Chen, Christine Fan 1

New parents Blackie Chen and Christine Fan are delighting fans everywhere with photos and a video of their twin sons, nicknamed Fei Fei and Xiang Xiang.

Christine uploaded a clip of the toddlers laughing and holding a conversation in baby-speak on Thursday. “What are they chatting about?” she wrote.

Blackie reposted the video, saying he understood the twins, and added his interpretation: “Mummy should wear more revealing clothes at home, and be more affectionate to daddy!”

Blackie Chen, Christine Fan 2

Internet users’ comments included: “You’re speaking for yourself,” “Your wife is standing right behind you, and she’s furious.”

Blackie also shared a photo of himself with Fei Fei on his shoulders, which Christine followed up with one of Fei Fei chomping down on Blackie’s ear, Mike Tyson–style. “Daddy, I forgot to tell you my teeth have emerged!” she wrote.

Blackie Chen, Christine Fan 3

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