Blackie Chen dismisses rumours against Pace Wu

Blackie Chen has spoken up for Pace Wu against claims saying that the latter is a fair-weather friend

Blackie Chen dismisses rumours against Pace Wu
Taiwanese artiste Blackie Chen has spoken up in Taiwanese model Pace Wu’s defence against rumours which claimed the latter to be a fair-weather friend to her celebrity friends Dee Hsu and Makiyo.

Pace was recently slammed by netizens for intentionally keeping a distance from Dee and Makiyo, when the two were previously caught in controversial situations. The model was even said to have remained in contact with scandal-free Christine Fan, while trying to get close to Fish and Aya (Liu Hanya) after learning about their blissful marriages.

Frustrated by the rumours, Pace took to Weibo to retaliate against the malicious comments. “The person who started [the rumours] must love to make up stories. The sisterhood between us will never change. To have each other as friends is an incredible blessing!” she said.

In a microblog post yesterday, Blackie uploaded a photo of Dee, Fish, Pace, Barbie Hsu and Jia Yong Jie visiting Christine, who gave birth to a pair of twin baby boys last week, in the hospital.

“From sisterhood to motherhood, this friendship is so precious! Thank God for blessing my sons with so many beautiful godmothers!” he wrote.

Pace later reposted the photo on Weibo and added: “The ward was filled with happiness! Babies who are welcomed by so much love and joy will definitely grow up healthy and well.”

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