Blackie Chen gets pranked on birthday

Fearing retaliation, Christine Fan explains she’s innocent


Taiwanese television presenter Blackie Chen, 39, got pranked when he and his family went to a cafe in Taipei’s Minsheng district to celebrate his birthday yesterday.

The former basketball player’s food was served with a cockroach perched on the plate cover. When Blackie saw it, he laughed because he could tell immediately it was a fake.

After the cafe staff’s prank attempt fell through, they presented Blackie with a present and a birthday song.

“I was touched, it was a surprise,” Blackie wrote on Facebook afterwards. “But the pranking skills need to be improved. The next time it’ll be my turn.”


According to Taiwanese media, Blackie is known for his fondness of pranks, and many celebrities, including his wife, singer Christine Fan, have fallen victim to his tricks.

Christine later clarified that the fake cockroach incident was entirely the cafe staff’s idea and she was not involved, in case Blackie was plotting to get back at her.

The couple wed in 2011 and their twin boys, River and Ryan, were born last January.

Photos: PBE Media

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