Blue Lan accepts Best Actor Golden Bell from fellow ex of Barbie Hsu

Vic Chou presents award and tells the winner, “What’s yours will be yours”

Blue Lan, Vic Chou

After Dee Hsu and Bowie Tsang shared the Golden Bell Awards stage as former girlfriends of entertainer Mickey Huang, another pair in the same situation found themselves in the spotlight at the Emmy Awards of Taiwan.

Actor and former F4 member Vic Chou presented the Best Actor award to Blue Lan at last night’s ceremony. The two had both dated Taiwanese actress and host Barbie Hsu, Dee’s older sister. Vic, Blue and Barbie starred in the hit 2001 Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden.

Winning the honour for the 2014 television series Apple In Your Eye, Blue said he was grateful for the award, and added that Vic had told him in private that “what’s yours will be yours.” Actor and singer Wilber Pan later pulled the pair in for an epic selfie, à la Ellen DeGeneres.

Golden Bell Awards

Barbie also sent Blue her congratulations, saying, “He deserved to win, and I’m happy for him.” But she made no mention of her former lovers meeting on stage.

Blue didn’t take the episode too seriously, and said, “Look at what Dee Hsu did — our history is nowhere as explosive as theirs.”

Asked when he might be planning for a second child with wife Jade Chou, Blue said, “As soon as possible.” Their first child was born this May.

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