Blue Lan and Jade Chou welcome their first daughter

The overjoyed couple broke into tears when they saw their child for the first time

Blue Lan and Jade Chou welcome their first daughter

Taiwanese actor Blue Lan’s actress wife Jade Chou went through an 18-hour ordeal before she gave birth to their first daughter on Saturday night.

Experiencing labour pains at 3 am on Saturday morning, Jade was administered several injections to ease her pain and help her to deliver her baby naturally. However, she had to eventually opt for a caesarean section as part of her daughter’s face was facing upwards, a position that is inappropriate for natural birth.

When Blue and Jade saw their daughter for the first time, the couple was moved to tears. Yesterday, Blue also posted his baby’s photo on Facebook and wrote excitedly, “Finally, my daughter has arrived!”

Blue Lan and Jade Chou welcome their first daughter

He added, “She is really cute. Her arms and legs are so long and her eyes are so big. She has double eyelids and already has long lashes. I’m already starting to worry about her having a boyfriend next time.”

Jade, on the other hand, also posted a close-up shot of their daughter, looking afar innocently with her big round eyes while seemingly being breastfed by Jade.

Blue also expressed through his manager that the couple is still discussing with their parents on how they should name their daughter. As he felt sorry that his wife had gone through a lot of pain during delivery, Blue hopes to shelf the planning of their wedding ceremony to a later date so that Jade can recuperate well at the confinement centre.

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