Blue Lan declines drama offer for pregnant wife

The Taiwanese actor puts work aside to accompany his six-months pregnant wife

Blue Lan declines drama offer for pregnant wife
Taiwanese actor Blue Lan has reportedly declined several drama offers to spend more time with his six-months pregnant wife Jade Chou. The father-to-be is also hesitant about participating in a new series which is slated to commence filming in April.

While speaking to reporters at an event yesterday, Blue said that though he is not acting in any drama, he is thankful to be able to draw income from endorsements.

“The heavens have been pretty good to me. Before I filmed Police et vous in 2006, I had time to look after my father who had a knee surgery and my mother who has a weak spine. This time around, I can accompany my wife [through her pregnancy] and that is such a blissful thing,” he said.

In addition, the couple has decided to deliver the baby girl (nicknamed “Little Basketball”) via natural birth. “I’ve watched some videos of people giving birth, so I’m mentally prepared to enter the delivery suite with Jade,” the actor added.

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