Blue Lan, Jade Chou reportedly expecting second child

Actors reduced filming commitments


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese actors Blue Lan, 37, and Jade Chou, 38, are reportedly expecting their second child. According to Taiwanese media, the couple have been quietly turning down filming projects to prepare to welcome the new addition to their family.

Their managers have declined to confirm the pregnancy, and emphasised that the couple are still involved in work projects.

Sources said Jade is two months pregnant and taking up only advertisements and endorsements, having turned down every invitation to work on television series. Blue has been focusing on shooting advertisements too, though in May he’ll start work on a movie.

The sources added that Jade and Blue and their managers haven’t confirmed the baby news because the first trimester hasn’t passed.

The couple registered their marriage in May 2014, and a year later their daughter, nicknamed “Little Basketball,” was born.


Blue Lan and Jade Chou welcome their first daughter 
Blue Lan holds wedding banquet with wife Jade Chou  

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