Blue Lan stays by pregnant wife’s side in hospital

The considerate husband spent nights taking care of his wife Jade Chou and even cooked for her

Blue Lan stays by pregnant wife’s side in hospital

Taiwanese actors Blue Lan Cheng-lung and Jade Chou tied the knot in May last year and are set to welcome the newest addition to their family, a baby girl (nicknamed “Little Basketball”) in a month’s time.

Yesterday, the seven-month-pregnant actress posted on Facebook about an emergency hospitalisation at midnight last week caused by unexpected blood loss. Jade wrote that her caring husband accompanied her at night, aided her when it was difficult to stand, helped her to bathe and even prepared meals for her. Jade even called herself a burden but said she was touched by Blue’s thoughtful actions.

Jade was discharged from the hospital after resting for a few days and is currently on doctor’s orders to recuperate at home.

Still lying in bed with a drip and unable to do things on her own, Jade admitted that being pregnant “makes [her] feel very helpless sometimes”.

The mother-to-be also revealed her expected due date is in end May and remarked, “Little Basketball has already communicated with me through her kicking! It’s as though we made a deal to work with each other to ensure a smooth delivery.”

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