Bosco Wong confirms romance with Japanese model Jun

Actor seen shopping with new squeeze over Chinese New Year


Photos: PBE Media

Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong, 35, casually confirmed the woman he was seen with on February 10 was a Japanese model named Jun.

On Monday, a netizen revealed that on the third day of Chinese New Year, he saw Bosco at a supermarket with his housekeeper and a “mainland Chinese–looking” woman. The source added he had asked Bosco if he could take a selfie with him, but the actor declined.

Later on Monday, when Bosco was contacted for comment, the actor confirmed the woman he was with on February 10 was Jun. He explained that Jun wasn’t familiar with the media environment in Hong Kong, so he hoped the paparazzi wouldn’t do anything that might scare her.

“None of you are giving us time to get to know each other,” Bosco said. “You’re hindering my dating!”


He added that he and Jun weren’t in a serious, stable relationship yet. “We communicate quite well in English, and Japanese girls are polite, so it feels great!” he said. The actor said he would consider picking up Japanese for Jun.

The pair reportedly met while shooting a commercial together, and they were recently suspected of staying together at the same hotel near Bosco’s residence in Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

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