Bosco Wong wracked with guilt after father passes away

‘I’ve been an unfilial son,’ actor keeps repeating in his Weibo post


Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong, 35, announced on Weibo on Tuesday afternoon that his father had passed away, and his words revealed how guilty he felt about it.

Next with a wefie with his father, Bosco wrote, “Dad, I’m sorry, I’ve been an unfilial son, I wasn’t by your side for the last stretch. I’ve been an unfilial son, I’m frequently busy with work and I didn’t visit you often enough. I’ve been an unfilial son, I talked about going travelling with you, but I never made it happen.”

“You’ll always be in my heart, and let’s be father and son again in our next life!”

The actor won the Most Popular Male TVB Artiste in China award at the TVB Anniversary Awards on December 13, but he was in no mood to celebrate the occasion because his father had been hospitalised. Bosco said then that he would spend more time with his family in Hong Kong.

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