Bowie Tsang to take a two-month hiatus

Bowie Tsang will be taking an eight-week break from work due to her recent pelvic infection

Bowie Tsang to take a two-month hiatus

Earlier this month, Hong Kong actor-host Eric Tsang injured his leg on set and is currently still in the midst of recovering on a wheelchair. Then, news of his singer daughter Bowie Tsang’s admission to the hospital broke out last week.

Their representative revealed that “when (Bowie) was shooting an outdoor scene, she jumped into contaminated waters,” which was later revealed to be a cesspool of sewage.

“At the time, she had no injuries, but bacteria managed to enter her body and attack her pelvis bone. As a result, she was admitted into the hospital to remove the pus from the infection… Bowie only regained her ability to walk a few days ago,” continued the representative.

Sources also claim that the 42-year-old flew back to Taiwan the moment she felt uncomfortable and was admitted into the Taipei Veterans General Hospital for an operation.

Even after Bowie was discharged on Monday, she still needs to take a two-month break from all work activities to recuperate and will make a loss of NT$10 million (S$ 435,400) from turning down the jobs she will need to miss. She will also have to discuss with the board again to devise a new plan for the third and fourth episode of The Amazing Race.

Bowie Tsang to take a two-month hiatus

Both 62-year-old Eric and his daughter were shooting the reality TV programme The Amazing Race China Season 2 in Cappadocia, Turkey when the incidents happened.

Bowie thanked fans for their concern on Facebook yesterday and posted, “I like to think of it as going through a detoxification, cleansing my body all at once, leaving me refreshed!”

In addition, Hong Kong actor-director Derek Tsang (Bowie’s younger brother) spoke to her over the phone and said, “Seeing you and Dad undergo such pain over a television show is so heart-wrenching. I’m just grateful that the both of you are fine.”

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