By2’s Yumi denies cheating rumours with Sun Zujun

Pop singer calls actor ‘just a crazy fan’


Pop singer Yumi from the duo By2 has denied the rumours that she cheated on Mario Ho, the 20-year-old son of Macau casino mogul Stanley Ho, with Chinese actor Sun Zujun, 25.

“Sun who?” she said on Sunday. “I know he’s only a crazy fan, so please don’t try to grab headlines with this anymore.”

“This isn’t the first time outsiders have tried to make us headline news,” she added. “I’m publicly responding to the rumours because I find them shocking, they’re totally baseless.”

Yumi’s close friend defended the singer, saying she was maligned, and provided a photo of Yumi and Mario embracing. The friend then added Zujun was her acquaintance and though he was a big fan of Yumi’s, he and Yumi aren’t close.

The source further added that Mario had betrayed Yumi before, but the singer defended her beau, so to think the scion would turn on Yumi when their situations reversed, the source felt bad for Yumi.

Even Zujun chipped in, saying on Sunday that he was just friends with Yumi and added the singer and her twin sister, Miko, had both attended his birthday party this August. But Zujun was disheartened that Yumi claimed she didn’t know him.

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