BY2’s Yumi said to have spent the night with her new squeeze

The duo were seen kissing and partying at a nightclub, before adjourning to a hotel


Last Saturday, Yumi and Miko from the pop duo BY2 were seen partying at a nightclub in Taipei, Taiwan, together with a group of Westerners. Yumi, who was clad in a crop top and white jeans, was also spotted behaving intimately with a Caucasian male.

It was then reported that the 24-year-old had locked lips with the male, who was said to be a French national, currently working in Hong Kong’s financial sector. After they ended their revelries at 4am, Yumi was spotted heading into the same hotel with the man, where she spent the night.

When asked to comment on the incident, Yumi’s managing company said, “Miko and Yumi met up with a group of friends after finishing their schedules for the day. It is very common for celebrities to make friends.” The company, however, refused to comment on Yumi’s night out with the Caucasian male.

After the pop singer ended her much-publicised relationship with casino scion Mario Ho over her alleged cheating, the 24-year-old has been posting numerous pictures of her with other men, and hinting at new relationships. Mario is also reportedly seeing Singaporean heiress Kimmy Lin.

It was also reported that Mario’s parents had disapproved of his relationship with Yumi at that time, something that the singer had confessed to have felt “wronged” over.

Photos: PBE Media

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