Carina Lau a mother now — a godmother

Actress accepts Hu Jun’s 8-year-old as her godson

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Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, who turns 50 next month, recently accepted Hu Hao Kang (nicknamed Kang Kang), the 8-year-old son of Chinese actor Hu Jun, as her godson with a tea ceremony in Hong Kong.

The actress, named the richest female celebrity investor in China, hosted a birthday party and tea ceremony for Kang Kang and invited guests included Hu Jun’s family, actress Brigitte Lin, Hong Kong film editor William Chang, and actor Li Yapeng, an ex-husband of Faye Wong’s.

Kang Kang kneeled to serve tea to Carina, and presented her with a drawing he did of airplanes and boats, and the pair appeared inseparable throughout the party.

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The actress said she usually has little patience for children, but she’s always happy with Kang Kang, possibly because they had been lovers in their past life. 

Carina and Hu Jun met on while filming the Hong Kong action thriller Infernal Affairs 2 in 2003, and collaborated again in 2004 on the television series The River Flows Eastwards and in 2006 on the movie Curiosity Kills the Cat.

The pair got along so well that they were rumoured to be seeing each other, which both parties denied. And when Kang Kang was born in 2008, Carina volunteered to be his godmother.

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