Carina Lau films music video scene fully nude

Fans wonder if actress’s husband Tony Leung minds


Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, 50, filmed a nude scene for a Jacky Cheung music video, leading fans to wonder if she had gone too far or if her husband, actor Tony Leung, minded it.

In the video, she portrays a woman in deep sleep inside an isolation pod, while Jacky and Chow Yun Fat vie for her affection.

The song, ‘Frozen,’ is from the soundtrack of the Hong Kong Chinese New Year flick From Vegas to Macau III.


At a press conference for the movie held on Tuesday in Guangzhou, China, the three actors discussed the on-screen love triangle, and Carina said, “I have a troubled history with Yun Fat, whenever we play lovers it never ends well.”

“In our last collaboration we competed against each other, and this time it’s the same, so if I get another chance I still want to triumph over him. Everyone can see in the video that Jacky is utterly devoted to me, but the director Wong Jing wouldn’t let us be together, so if it were my choice I’d pick Jacky as my lover.”

Yun Fat replied, “No matter how many times I’m paired up with Carina it’s never enough, in our previous collaborations she was hurt deeply, so if I have another chance I want to treat her well.”

From Vegas to Macau III opens in Singapore this Friday.

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