Carina Lau finds Tony Leung ‘hard to handle’

The actress guested on a reality show and revealed details about her marriage


Carina Lau appeared as a special guest on All The Way with You 2, a reality show revolving around the relationships of married celebrity couples recently. On the show, she shared with the cast members and audience more about her relationship with actor Tony Leung, and laughingly deemed him as hard to handle.

The reality show, which is now in its second season, stars Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen, Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang as well as Li Sha and Ke Hu.

The newest episode saw the cast members travelling to Spain to explore the topic, ‘Love and Harmony’, with Carina Lau appearing as a special guest.

Carina discussed marriage matters with the cast openly, even asking Julian and Anita, who have been married for 15 years, if they still kiss and if they still “feel anything when they touch” as they are so familiar with each other.


Julian then spoke about how he’s afraid to lose Anita, saying, “[I’m] very afraid of feeling like I’m going to lose her. No one can guarantee what’s going to happen tomorrow, so I especially treasure the present.”

His words touched Carina, who immediately praised Anita for finding such a good man.

Additionally, when asked who is the first to concede and apologise in a fight, Carina revealed that she does not expect Tony to apologise to her no matter what.

“I’ve never wanted to act all haughty like a queen. I don’t have that much experience, and I’ve been searching for a way for couples to be more harmonious. The one at home [Tony] is a little hard to handle,” she said.

Photos: PBE Media

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