Carina Lau jealous of Faye Wong in love

‘When they look at each other their eyes sparkle,’ actress says of singer and Nicholas Tse


Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, 50, said she was jealous of how radiant her friend Faye Wong looked after the latter reunited with singer and actor Nicholas Tse, 35.

“I’m jealous, so jealous — when they look at each other their eyes sparkle, but I don’t get that feeling anymore, it’s just family,” said Carina, who’s married to actor Tony Leung.

The actress was in Macau attending a concert on Saturday when she was asked about the rumour that Nicholas had proposed to Faye thrice but was turned down every time, and got so anxious he turned to his mother, former actress Deborah Lee, for help.

“I don’t believe that,” Carina said. “They should be very much in love.”

She said Faye wasn’t with her at the concert because she was still in India. “Actually we don’t meet up often, they’re hiding together because they’re in love, it’s natural for girls in love to ignore everything else,” Carina said. “She will come look me up in while, but I hope she’ll enjoy the honeymoon stage for now.”

Asked whether she hoped Faye and Nicholas will marry, Carina said, “We’ve all been married and had children, so getting married or not isn’t too important to me, what matters most is harmony, happiness and enjoyment.”

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