Carina Lau named richest female celebrity investor in China

Actress’s S$140 million net worth includes holdings in wine, cosmetics, property

Carina Lau 1

Chinese media have named Hong Kong actress Carina Lau the richest female celebrity investor in China, with a net worth of HKD$800 million (approximately S$140 million).

Carina is known for her business acumen, and besides acting in movies and stage productions, she also owns property in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And the actress has diversified her portfolio to cover wines, cosmetics and acting as an importer for brands.

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The actress recently purchased a 440-sqm, three-bedroom home in the Peninsula Shanghai Residences for HKD$120 million (approximately S$21.67 million). The apartment overlooks the Huangpu River.

The apartment’s interior design was reportedly done by Hong Kong art director William Chang, a good friend of Carina’s.

The actress said she prefers investing in property to stocks, and she hasn’t decided if she would live in the apartment, rent it out or sell it.

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