Carina Lau writes a love note to her husband

To her husband Tony Leung who turned 53 on Saturday, Carina Lau wrote, “When you smile, the whole world freezes”

Carina Lau writes a love note to her husband

On Saturday, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung turned 53 and his actress wife Carina Lau posted a birthday dedication for him on Weibo, along with a picture of her husband from a skiing trip: “When you smile, the whole world freezes. Happy birthday!”

Not long after, netizens began to compliment his smile and comment their well wishes for the “god” and “goddess” to have eternal happiness.

That same day, Tony also posted a photo of his birthday cake early in the morning, as well as a group picture with his wife and mother.

In the picture, 49-year-old Carina wore a black low-cut dress and Tony tilted his head slightly towards his mother. The family photo appeared to be from earlier this month (June 8) in France from when Tony received his French arts honour of an Officer medallion.

Tony and Carina married in 2008 in Bhutan and their long-running relationship of 20 years is still going strong, dispelling all rumours of a divorce.

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