Cecilia Cheung brings her kids to Ocean Park

In lieu of the Dragon Boat Festival, Cecilia Cheung took her children to a day of fun at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park

Cecilia Cheung brings her kids to Ocean Park

Hong Kong actress-singer Cecilia Cheung, brought her two sons Lucas and Quintus Tse to a family day at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park in celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival and her agent shared a couple of pictures from their day out on Saturday.

In the photos, all three of them had no problems with pulling funny faces, but netizens pointed out that Quintus appeared to be more sensitive to the camera and reacted to it by giving adorable expressions.

Cecilia’s agent, who tagged along with the trio, wrote: “The weather was so hot, I couldn’t stand it, but the three of them really enjoyed themselves! I wish the two little boys a happy childhood under their loving mother’s care. Wishing everyone happiness during this year’s Dragon Boat Festival!”

Cecilia Cheung brings her kids to Ocean Park

Many netizens left their well wishes for the family too and praised “Big L (Lucas) and Little Q (Quintus)” for becoming more handsome.

Other netizens took note of the fact that it was also a Fathers’ Day weekend, commenting, “Will the boys get to spend their Fathers’ Day with Nicholas Tse?” and “Will the boys get to have dinner to celebrate with their father?”

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