Cecilia Cheung celebrates her son’s birthday

The singer-actress’s older son Lucas Tse’s new hairdo made waves as well


Quintus Tse, the younger son of ex-couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse, celebrated his sixth birthday on May 12, with Cecilia organising a party to celebrate the special day.

Partygoers included Quintus’s classmates and their parents, as well as Cecilia’s good friend Pinky Cheung.

After the party, Pinky uploaded pictures of the celebration online and wrote: “This mother is too full of love, happy birthday Quintus! Grow up happily and healthily. Lucas is also tall and handsome, Cecilia, you must live happily with them!”

Cecilia’s older son Lucas’ long hair caught the attention of many and some netizens commented that the young boy has inherited his dad’s boyish charms.

Comments like “Lucas’s new hair is too handsome! Just like an artist,” and “Lucas, what happened to your hair?” were also left on the post.


Photos: PBE Media

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