Cecilia Cheung criticised for her diva tantrums

Actor-turned-film producer Charles Heung says he will never cast Cecelia Cheung in his future film projects

Cecilia Cheung criticised for her diva tantrums

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung was recently criticised by veteran Hong Kong actor-turned-film producer Charles Heung for displaying bad attitude at a film set.

Charles was recently working on the 3D film adaptation of Chinese folklore Gods of Honour where renowned actors Jet Li, Tony Leung, Huang Xiaoming and Louis Koo would play the leading roles. Cecilia was also casted to take on the prominent role of Chinese mythological figure Nezha in the show.

However, the 34-year-old actress had reportedly threw a fit and showed a lousy attitude at the film set. She was said to have given the crew a difficult time, which led to Charles’ decision to never cast her in his future film projects.

“She is neurotic and would simply throw her temper and give us a difficult time. There are many co-stars who are more experienced than her and over 100 people to care for at the film set. However, she often compares her treatment with that of other actors and feels that we have neglected her,” Charles recounted.

He also added that Cecilia once made an impromptu trip from Singapore, where she currently resides, to Beijing without informing the crew and demanded the crew to give her priority to film her segments in the film.

Furthermore, Charles also spoke against Cecilia as his wife Chen Lan was upset with her bad work ethics. Chen Lan and Cecilia share a close-kit relationship and the former had supported Cecilia when her career and love life was in the pits 16 years ago.

Cecilia Cheung criticised for her diva tantrums

When Cecilia was targeted by triads in 1999 because of her father’s gambling debts, Chen Lan stepped out to resolve the issue for her. She later openly criticised Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen when Cecilia’s nude pictures were accidentally leaked from his personal laptop.

As Cecilia was going through a rough patch in her family life after divorcing her former husband Nicholas Tse, she was said to have sought help from Chen Lan for job opportunities.

The 34-year-old reportedly admitted to having a bad work attitude and promised to change for the better. However, she reverted to her old ways when filming for the new movie began.

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