Cecilia Cheung dispels ‘plump’ face rumours

The Hong Kong actress appeared on the streets of Hong Kong looking young and refreshed

Cecilia Cheung dispels ‘plump’ face rumours
Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung dispelled rumours of having a ‘plump’ face after being seen on the streets of Hong Kong recently.

Earlier this month, netizens were shocked when photos of the 34-year-old looking visibly more ‘puffy’ and ‘chubby’ surfaced online.

On Monday, a Hong Kong magazine also claimed that Cecilia, who was formerly married to Nicholas Tse, suffered a blow from the news on her ex-husband’s relationship with Chinese singer Faye Wong and had to be on medication to regulate her menstrual cycle.
The puffiness in her face was said to be a side effect of the medication and it reportedly affected her mood at work.

Cecilia Cheung dispels ‘plump’ face rumours
However, Cecilia appeared along the streets of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong on Wednesday night (Feb 25). The 34-year-old wore a pair of sunglasses on her head and strutted down the streets in her three-inch high heels and with a branded bag in hand, looking fashionable and refreshed.

Witnesses said that the actress smiled happily and appeared relaxed. She was also said to exude the beauty of a young girl with her fair glistening skin, making it difficult to tell that she is already a mother-of-two.

While her cheeks may have appeared round and full in the photos taken, Cecilia’s face was not swollen.

Throughout her night out, Cecilia kindly acceded to photo requests from passer-bys. When a passer-by praised her for her beauty, Cecilia gave a bright smile immediately as she could not contain her joy.

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