Cecilia Cheung falls out with ex-manager Tiffany Chen

The Hong Kong actress has been kicked out of a new movie

Cecilia Cheung falls out with ex-manager Tiffany Chen
After Cecilia Cheung was reportedly kicked out of upcoming movie Legend of the Gods, her ex-manager Tiffany Chen, wife to Hong Kong producer Charles Heung, publicly slammed the actress for her poor attitude and working ethics.

On Mar 18, Cecilia’s company released an apology statement regarding her withdrawal from the film. The statement mentioned that though there “might be misunderstanding between both parties” and Cecilia will respect Charles’ decision.

Tiffany, who shared a close relationship with Cecilia for 16 years, was further angered by the statement. “She only sent an official press release. She didn’t even bother to give me a call,” she said.

Tiffany also showed reporters a cheque worth HK$1.95 million (approximately S$350,000) that was returned to her by Cecilia. According to Tiffany, the actress had previously accepted the appearance fees without signing the agreement.

Sources revealed that Tiffany treated Cecilia like her daughter, lending help to the latter on many occasions during her lowest period in the past. Even though Cecilia was labelled as “box office poison”, Tiffany strongly recommended the actress for the role as Chinese deity Nezha in Legend of the Gods.

Last year, Cecilia allegedly approached her ex-manager for help as she was badly affected by her ex-husband Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong’s rekindled romance.  “She said that she would definitely make amends for her past mistakes if she was given a chance [in showbiz] again. At the time, I thought that I should give her an opportunity. But now I feel cheated,” Tiffany lamented.
Cecilia Cheung falls out with ex-manager Tiffany Chen

Following the fall-out, Tiffany dished the dirt on Cecilia’s diva temperament during filming. The actress was said to have intentionally made things difficult for the producer, leading to her dismissal from Legend of the Gods. Subsequently, China Star Entertainment Group, established and owned by Charles, declared that the company will “never use Cecilia again”.

In addition, Tiffany also exposed Cecilia’s unprofessional behaviour on the set of 2003’s Running on Karma which almost caused lead actor Andy Lau to quit the movie.

This time around, Cecilia allegedly complained to the producer and director of Legend of the Gods about her lack of scenes as compared to Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming. On top of that, the 34-year-old also reportedly badmouthed Louis Koo in private.

In response to the reports, Xiaoming’s manager claimed that the actors often joke around on set whereas Louis declined to comment on the issue.  
Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung in 'Running on Karma'

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