Cecilia Cheung gives her blessings to Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong

The Hong Kong actress seems to have let go of her past relationship with ex-husband

Faye Wong

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung was previously said to be badly affected her ex-husband Nicholas Tse’s reconciliation with old flame Faye Wong this September where she had cried for nights and even suffered dramatic weight loss. She was even said to be trying ways to come between the couple.

But it seems those days are over as the 34-year-old recently gave her blessings to the couple when the media spotted her shopping in Hong Kong and asked for her thoughts.

With regards to her contractual lawsuit in which she is accused of fraud, her management clarified, “We never accepted any money from [Dragon TV’s] Nu Ren De Shen Yi,” and added that Cecilia is in fact the victim of the entire saga.

Meanwhile, things seem to be looking rosy for Nicholas and Faye. The couple, who were seen holding hands several days ago for the first time in 14 years, both flew to Beijing from Hong Kong on Monday (Dec 8). Though Nicholas denied that they were travelling together, Faye, who had reached the airport first, was photographed texting someone named “nic-king”, suspected to be the actor, with the message: “Are there any cars following you?”

Also, a Hong Kong property agent revealed the lovebirds have reportedly bought over celebrity manager Katie Chen’s HK$117 million (approximately S$20million) apartment in Hong Kong for HK$140 million (S$24 million).

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