Cecilia Cheung: I was too willful at 23

Actress tears up on TV when talking about her divorce and poor work attitude


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Cecilia Cheung appeared on good friend Nana Tse’s (Xie Na) variety show, AUV NANA, recently and shared about the ups and downs in her married life and acting career on the programme.

Cecilia, who is half British, received lots of attention for her bright and sweet image during her debut days and shot her first commercial at 18 years old. Her bare faced beauty brought out her youthful charms, catching the eye of Stephen Chow, who subsequently casted her as the female lead of his movie, King of Comedy.


The actress rose to fame quickly and won the Best Actress award when she was 23 years old at the 23rd Hong Kong Film Awards for her role in the movie Lost In Time.

While the 35-year-old still holds the record for being the youngest Best Actress award winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards, she is also notoriously known for her willful antics and was named the “worst female lead” at 32.

Her acting career was affected as a result of her poor work attitude and led to a career slump, said Cecilia, who started tearing on the show as it brought back memories of her divorce with Nicholas Tse, which happened during the same time.

Cecilia brought the DVDs of Lost in Time and The Lion Roars 2 to the recording of AUV NANA as these shows are a constant reminder to be “humble”.

“When I was 23, I was too willful, so I’ve always kept these two DVDs, so that I’ll know the importance of being humble”, she said.

Cecilia also revealed that she has always been optimistic and blessed. “When I’m not happy, I might hide in the toilet and cry for 30 minutes or an hour, but after that, my energy will return. I am strongest when I’m weak.”

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