Cecilia Cheung implicated in contractual lawsuit

The Hong Kong actress was accused of fraud and asked to pay S$1million

张柏芝涉合同诈骗 遭索赔500万人民币

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung is reportedly embroiled in a breach of contract lawsuit with Haisong Group where she is accused of fraud. Her manager and the chairman of Asia Entertainment Group Yu Yu Xing previously signed a contract with Haisong Group on July 16 and Cecilia had agreed to participate a recording session for a programme.

However, she failed to turn up for the assignment a week later as arranged.

Haisong Group chairman-cum-president Gong Ting Hai said, “I contacted Cecilia and she agreed to take part. Yu Yu Xing signed the contract on her behalf and was paid RMB$2 million (approximately S$400,000) as deposit. Members of the media reported the news but on the day of the recording, Cecilia did not turn up, damaging the reputation of the programme and sponsorships were withdrawn.”

Having already reported the incident to the police, he added, “Of course, her manager has to bear responsibility, but Cecilia herself has to be answerable for breaching the contract. We have not only highlighted the fraud to the Chao Yang Sub-Bureau of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, but also hired a lawyer in Beijing to sue Cecilia for breach of contract and seek compensation of RMB$5million (approximately S$1million).”

Ting Hai has already photocopied and sent the media a receipt of the deposit and the contract as evidence.

Responding to the matter, Yu Xing rebutted that Ting Hai was the one who “broke the terms first”.

“I clarify the matter on behalf of Cecilia: We did not break any contractual terms nor cheat Ting Hai. It was him and his company who changed the channel that the show was to air on. When we first signed the contract, the show was to be aired on Hunan TV, but they changed it to Dragon TV without notifying us. This is already a breach of contract in the first place. Besides, the structure, content and guests were altered too. Cecilia followed the contract so she certainly had rights not to attend.”

Yu Xing also explained they had already engaged a lawyer to notify Ting Hai that the actress would not be attending the recording, way before the actual recording date. Considering their long-term friendship, he hopes they can settle the matter peacefully.

Cecilia then broke her silence on Monday: “Changing the TV channel for broadcast is already a breach of contract in the first place.”

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