Cecilia Cheung receives praises for her bare face

A Chinese netizen praised the 34-year-old actress for having a slim face and good complexion

Cecilia Cheung receives praises for her bare face
Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung was praised for her beauty after being spotted barefaced at an arcade in China last Sunday (Mar 1).

The 34-year-old had come under pressure recently after photos of her with a slightly plump face surfaced online.

According to a Hong Kong magazine, the reconciliation of her former husband Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong had affected her emotions and health, and she suffered the side effects of a ‘puffy’ face from consuming Chinese medicine to correct her menstrual cycle.

However, the actress dispelled the rumours when she appeared on the streets of Hong Kong last Monday (Feb 23) looking refreshed.

On Sunday, a Chinese netizen also witnessed Cecilia’s crew accompanying her to an arcade in Beijing, where she tried her luck at a toy grabbing machine and won herself three toy plushies.

Cecilia Cheung receives praises for her bare face
The netizen later shared his selfie with the actress on Weibo and praised her for looking young and radiant with his photo caption: “I coincidentally bumped into Cecilia Cheung today and she is really skinny and has a very good complexion. I could not even tell that she already has two children!”

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