Cecilia Cheung's sons hang out with grandpa Patrick Tse

Pity Nicholas Tse isn’t there, fans say

Cecilia Cheung

Hong Kong actress and singer Cecilia Cheung, 35, was seen yesterday on a family outing with her sons, Lucas and Quintus, and the boys’ grandfather, famed actor Patrick Tse, 79.

Photos of the family together were posted online, and many fans left comments including, “It’s a pity that Nicholas Tse wasn’t there.”

After Cecilia’s divorce from Nicholas in 2011, she moved to Singapore with her sons, a move which reportedly angered their doting grandparents Patrick and Deborah Lee and caused a rift between them.

But Cecilia then moved back to Hong Kong this August with the boys in tow, and her relations with the former in-laws have improved since then.

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Cecilia Cheung moves back to Hong Kong 
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