Cecilia Cheung’s villa reportedly belongs to someone else

The actress’s residence is said to be similar the one being used for several movie productions

Cecilia Cheung

Following her divorce with ex-husband Nicholas Tse and how the incident has plagued her career, Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has been making appearances in China recently through variety show Star To My House in a bid to salvage her popularity.

In the show, she “married into” a village in China and spent some time there but the mother-of-two had to return to Hong Kong for treatment when she fell ill. Missing their “daughter-in-law”, her “in-laws” took a special trip to Hong Kong to visit her.

It was when Cecilia hosted them in her villa that the luxurious abode, with white and grey as its main colours and an open-concept kitchen, was exposed to the public for the first time.

After the episode aired, sharp-eyed viewers spotted the similarities between her apartment and those being used in movies The Election, My Sassy Hubby and Naked Ambition 3D.

Reporters then called members of the The Election production crew to verify if they borrowed Cecilia’s residence for the shoot but was shocked to realise its owner is actually a foreigner. Cecilia, who was uncontactable then, has yet to respond on the issue.

Cecilia's "villa" in movie My Sassy Hubby

Cecilia's "villa" in movie Naked Ambition 3D.

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