Cecilia Cheung suffers dramatic weight loss

The actress is said to have been negatively affected by news of the reconciliation between Faye Wong and her ex-husband Nicholas Tse


Nicholas Tse made headlines after reconciling with Faye Wong after more than a decade apart. His ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung is said to have suffered a serious blow from the news and was hospitalised last month for acute gastroenteritis, commonly known as gastric flu.

Sources claimed that Cecilia has been crying and suffering from insomnia on a nightly basis and has also lost her appetite. Afraid that her mood will affect her two sons with Nicholas, Lucas and Quintus, she is said to have flown to Japan with her friends for a shopping spree, spending NT$4 million (S$164,000) on her trip.

With her suffering such a serious blow, her weight is said to have dropped dramatically from 105 pounds (47.6kg) to 90 pounds (40.9kg). She was spotted with her dramatically thinner look in Hong Kong when arriving for filming of reality television show She’s My Family.

Nicholas, on the other hand, it said to have flown to Beijing to be with Faye and her 17-year-old daughter Leah Dou. He is said to be spending his spare time writing songs for Leah. A source revealed, “Even before they reconciled, Nicholas has always appreciated Leah’s vocal prowess and feels that she has an outstanding personality and great potential.”

The source continued, “Nicholas believes that musicians need passion and Leah’s personality is very similar to his. Now that he’s with Faye, it’s only natural that he puts more effort into grooming Leah and is even writing songs for her, which also serves as a form of security for Faye.”

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