Cecilia Liu and Eddie Peng deny rumours

Both parties have refuted claims that romantic sparks flew between them 

L-R: Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu, Eddie Peng

At Anhui TV Drama Awards ceremony last night, Chinese actress Cecilia Liu refuted rumours which claimed that romantic sparks flew between Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng and herself during the filming of Chinese drama Sound of the Desert in 2012.

While speaking to the media, Cecilia insisted that “the stories are made up” and that it was impossible for Eddie to request adding intimate scenes in the drama. Cecilia’s boyfriend Nicky Wu, who was seated next to her at the awards ceremony, let out a dry laugh and shook his head in response.

Meanwhile, Eddie also expressed his stand via a Weibo post yesterday. He wrote: “I think I’d better make clarifications. The reports are scary, but please be assured that being a third party is not my style.”

Although Cecilia and Nicky have repeatedly been rumoured to be tying the knot, the actress emphasised that the couple has not discussed about getting married, neither is she anticipating getting proposed to.

Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu

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