Cecilia Liu, Nicky Wu planning wedding

“Massive operation” might involve ceremonies in Beijing, Taiwan


Chinese actress Cecilia Liu let slip that she and Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu are planning their wedding. While being interviewed at a media event for her new drama series Precious Youth last night, Cecilia responded to a question on her plans for children with, “Maybe we should plan the wedding first.”

She corrected herself and added, “We’re not at that stage yet! We’ve only just started talking about it.”

Asked what kind of wedding she wanted, Cecilia, 28, said she hadn’t a clue whether she’d go for a Western or Chinese-style ceremony. “It’ll be a massive operation, so we’re only thinking about it at the moment,” she said. Her comment seemed to hint at there being more than one wedding, with one each in Beijing and Taiwan.


The couple met in 2011 while playing the two lead characters in the massively popular Chinese drama series Scarlet Heart. Nicky and Cecilia confirmed their relationship in November 2013 and registered their marriage this January, with a proposal taking place in June, according to Chinese media. But the popular pair have both been busy with their careers, with packed work schedules leaving no time for wedding photos or any preparations.

When Cecilia fielded a question on why she looked so happy and radiant, and whether it was because her husband took good care of her, she smiled and nodded. “Yes, we get to eat supper every night.”

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