Cecilia Liu praises Nicky Wu’s cooking skills

‘I’m in charge of eating,’ actress says


Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 29, praised the cooking skills of her new husband, Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu, 45, saying he can make a meal out of whatever groceries they have at home.

“My husband likes to cook, and I’m in charge of eating,” she said.

While attending a recent event, the actress said she would like to take on roles with stronger personalities, because she’s known for playing meek and gentle characters on screen. “Why is this happening again? Can I cry less?” she said to the director in protest.

Cecilia said she found herself becoming more talkative after she married Nicky in March in Bali, and attributed that to a recent role. “The character was quite outgoing, so I couldn’t go back to the way I was,” she said.

Cecilia registered her marriage to Nicky in Beijing early last year.

Photos: PBE Media

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