Cecilia Liu wears S$150,000 jewels in pre-wedding photoshoot

Rings from De Beers feature infinity symbol


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese actor and singer Nicky Wu, 45, said that during his recent pre-wedding photoshoot in New Zealand, his wife, Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 28, wore NT$3.65 million (approximately S$150,000) worth of jewellery sponsored by De Beers.

The actress wore a pair of Sunrise Frost earrings from De Beers’ Phenomena haute joaillerie collection valued at NT$2.95 million (approximately S$120,000). Other items include four rings that incorporated the infinity symbol in their design, from the company’s Infinity collection.

Cecilia wore a wedding gown made by Monique Lhuillier in New York.


In a recent interview, the couple let on that they accommodate each other’s habits at home. When Nicky says, “I’m in a meeting,” and starts focusing on his smartphone, Cecilia will stay out of his way and let him concentrate. And when Cecilia returns home after a late shoot and still insists on memorising her script for the next day’s filming, Nicky will let her be.

“I used to think she was talking to me, but she was actually rehearsing her lines, and I thought, ‘OK then,’” Nicky said.

The pair make an effort to spend time together. When Cecilia is filming near their home, even if the journey takes two hours, she will return home to see Nicky. And knowing that Nicky will prepare food for her, she’ll eat less with her filming crew to leave room for her husband’s cooking.

“Family must spend time together, and no matter how busy you are you have to eat with one another,” she said.

Nicky and Cecilia will reportedly marry on March 20 in Bali.

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