Cecilia Liu will have the final say about her wedding

Yesterday, Nicky Wu admitted to letting Cecilia Liu have the final say about their wedding date and shared the most romantic aspect of their relationship

Cecilia Liu will have the final say about her wedding

Since obtaining their marriage certificate in January this year, Taiwanese actor-singer Nicky Wu and Chinese actress Cecilia Liu still have not held their wedding banquet. Yesterday, he responded to questions about the wedding at the press conference for new drama The Legend of Zu, which he produced and stars in.

“Cecilia will have the final say [about the wedding date]. We are both very busy at work, but it will definitely happen. As for how and when, I think that girls are better at handling these matters and it is more important to them,” said the 44-year-old.

Speaking about his wife, he was full of praises, describing her as a very sweet, simple and filial person who does not desire for material things. “She is not the sort to splurge on designer clothes and bags. In fact, she’s satisfied with buying ten-dollar items online.  She is very passionate about her work and is able to give me advice about what projects to participate in and would recommend me good actors.”

The actor also talked about what he finds most romantic about their relationship, saying, “I think mutual trust and understanding are what’s most romantic. We always try to make time to spend together, and we respect each other’s work decisions. This has been my biggest change since marriage. I used to just chat with friends in my free time, but now, I’d rather use the time to visit her on set.”

The couple met when they collaborated on popular drama Scarlet Heart in 2011. It wasn’t until November 2013 when Nicky posted two photographs on Weibo that their relationship was publicly announced. Three minutes after his post, Cecilia confirmed it as well.

Nicky posted a marriage certificate and ring on Weibo on January 20th and Cecilia subsequently remarked, “We are very happy.” The pair also commented that they have no time for a wedding and have not made any preparations yet.

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